Friday, 26 September 2008

Up the Warwicks!!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting the Royal Fusiliers when they exercised their right to march through the city.
The regiment has recently returned from Afganistan after a long operation. Thankfully they suffered no loss of life and we are grateful for that.
The title at the top is due to the fact that the former Royal Warwickshire Regiment is incorporated into the modern day regiment. Keith is allowed to call them the Warwicks because his father was a member of the Regiment during WW2. Lesser mortals must say The Royal Warwicks.
One thing that struck us both is how young they all are. We know that it is a sign of advancing years when the police start looking younger but a lot of them were really young. It makes a sharp contrast with some of the track suited herberts you see on the streets and makes you realise the value of discipline and training. We don't believe these so called chavs are any less capable of making something of themselves. It is down to attitude and wanting to make the effort, as it is too many of our young people accept low standards for themselves.