Sunday, 7 September 2008

A long walk

When we got back from the holiday we received an e-mail informing us of an event a St. Philips Cathedral. 3 young men were walking from London to Birmingham to draw attention to the toll gun and knife crime were taking on other young men in Birmingham. They completed the walk in 4 days and if you think that is easy try walking 30 miles in a day and see if you fancy doing it for the next 3 days. We ended up at the press conference at the Jury,s Inn on Broad Street. Unfortunatley the media, with the exception of the Post & Mail, failed to turn up. It seems they are quite happy to show pictures and newsreel of reporters standing in front of police tape, deploring the latest round of violence, but are not interested in telling the story when people put themselves out to try to do something about it.
We took some photos, the second one was affected by the flourescent stripes so the quality is not very good.