Monday, 22 September 2008

Diary entries

Last week was another round of meetings.
On Monday Keith went to a meeting of the Northfield Constituency Healthy Community and Older People group.This is a partnership effort which examines ways of making our residents healthier and looks to close the gap between male and female life expectancy.
Women live on average about 5 years longer than men. This has a lot to do with smoking issues and lifestyle.
Keith then went on to the Town Centre Shop for a meeting of the Community Support Board. This was set up after the demise of MG/Rover and is looking at ways to support people affected by the closure.
Sue went to Deelands Hall for the Play Lottery meeting which discusses ways of spending Lottery money awarded to Northfield to improve play facilites for children.
That evening Ken joined Sue at the monthly meeting of New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council. We try to work closely with the PC and this is an opportunity for an exchange of views and a way of finding common ground on a wide variety of issues.
The flooding in Oberon and Miranda was of particular concern as it was the following evening at the Northfield Constituency Committee. We had asked for senior officers to come along and update us on the position and we have asked for a report detailing what lessons have been learned.
Earlier in the day Keith went to Malvern for a meeting of the Central Technology Belt board of directors. This used to be called the A38 Technology Corridor and Keith still thinks it is a more self-explanatory name.
Sue was on The Roundabout early that morning for a site meeting with local residents and officers to discuss a tipping problem This should now be resolved. Later she went to Hampstead House for a Homestart meeting and then to a governors meeting at Colmers Junior School before getting to the Constituency Committee.
Wednesday saw Sue rushing about for an early appointment at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital before rushing in to the Council House for the Licensing Committee.
This saw a number of Private Hire drivers getting upset at some proposals to tighten up vehicle regulation and they will be going into it all again some time in the future.
That evening all 3 of us were at the Longbridge Ward Committee at Colmers School. Some issues were raised by local residents which we will be taking up on their behalf.
That take us on to Thursday when Sue & Keith were at Forestdale School for an update on the Community Park prokect. Costs have now escalated to £1 million but we have decided to go ahead and use some of the money we already have to get the ladscaping, drainage and fencing put in place.
Sue then had a meeting with local residents at Great Park whilst Keith got on with some leafletting.
That evening Sue was at the Parish Council Offices for a meeting of the Balaam's Wood LNR Group. Sue has managed to get the Lord Mayor of Birmingham to come along on Friday 3rd October to mark the designation of Balaam's Wood as a Local Nature Resource.
On Friday Sue had an early meeting with Coun Randal Brew, the Constituency Chairman, Sue is Deputy Chairman, and Ivor Williams the Head of Constituency prior to a meeting of the Northfield Constituency Strategic Partnership. This, as the name implies is a partnership which looks at all aspects of life in Northfield and plans for improvement. Later that day we went to Bromsgrove for a meeting with Bromsgrove Councillors about the MG/Rover redevelopment. We have'nt met for a while so it was good to catch up.
We have a lot of meetings and a lots of partners. It is impossible to go into loads of details about these groups but if anyone would like to now more let us know and we will either explain more fully or, better still, let you know when and where meetings are taking place so you can come along and listen in or take part.
On Saturday Sue was off for a night on Broad Street, all in the line of duty of course. The night started at 10.30pm and involved visiting bars and clubs to look at security and safety issues and a look at what some taxi drivers get up to. Sue spotted 2 PH drivers plying for hire, that is picking passengers up off the streets without booking first. This is illegal and can be dangerous especially if young women are involved as there have been cases of bogus cabs picking them up an assaults taking place. The visit ended and Sue got home at about 2.30am.