Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Bournville College

Keith recently had a guided tour of the new building courtesy of the former Vice Principle. This was most welcome as Keith had worked for many years in supporting the proposal to bring the new building to Longbridge.
The new building is really impressive but it is not the bricks and mortar that is so important, it is the students working there and, foremost, the outcomes of those years of study they undertake. Keith was really impressed with the attitude of the College staff and the way they understand that the future of a lot of the students is tied up in the future of the new Neighbourhood Centre and the businesses which will bring new jobs to Longbridge.
One of the facilities Keith saw was the restaurant. This is an area which welcomes the public in to enjoy great food, at a cheaper price, cooked and served by students as part of their studies. There is also a hairdressing and beauty salon where the same applies, even a barber shop for us men. Also opening soon is a sports area with up to date equipment which local people will be welcome to use.
Details of prices and booking details will follow shortly.
Meanwhile thanks to the college and best wishes for the future.