Sunday, 14 September 2008

A cops and vicars evening

On Thursday evening we again split our forces to attend different meetings.
Sue was at St. Leonards Church for the Licensing of the new Vicar. This is nothing to do with the fact that Sue is on the Licensing Committee. She may hold sway over recalcitrant taxi-drivers and misbehaving publicans but has no influence on the selection of new ministers. It was an enjoyable event and we offer our welcome and suppport to Richard on his new living.
Keith went to Frankley for another Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting. Local police were in attendance to hear local people talking about the problems they have. This is still not working properly but persistance will be needed for it to succeed.
Our local MP turned up to speak about the floods. This is not the correct forum for such events and tends to undermine the authority of the Parish Council which should be able to take the lead on it and work with the Constituency and City council to prevent it happening again.