Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A mountain of mail

We actually got back last Wednesday and popped into the Council House on Thursday to pick up the mail. We already had a small mountain at home but the real weighty stuff was at the Council House. We are still wading through it so please be patient if you are awaiting a reply.
On Friday Keith & Sue met with Transportation Strategy officers at Alpha Tower to discuss Highways plans for the Rover Site. This will involve extensive works to Longbridge Lane and the Longbridge Lane/Bristol Road South junction and we are concerned that everything is done to keep traffic flowing during the work.
We are pleased to see the speed camera in Lickey Road is slowing everyone down. We are not great fans of these devices but if it helps bring down the accident rate at Lowhill Lane and Edgewood Road junctions we will be satisfied.
On Saturday Keith & Ken turned up at Colmers Leisure Centre for the usual Advice Surgery only to find it was closed. Not to worry, we sat in the carpark and carried on al fresco. Luckily it was a nice morning and the people who came to see us were happy to conduct their business in the sunshine.
Afterwards we went to watch Moseley RFC get walloped by London Welsh. They will get better.
On Monday Sue spent the day with the Fire Service at Northfield Community Fire Station and at the training grounds at Woodgate Valley. They managed to find a uniform that fitted where it touched and she spent an exciting if exhausting day going through some of their training routines and in the afternoon accompanied them on home visits trying to get people to have smoke detectors fitted. Our thanks to Andy Simmons for his efforts. Here are a few pics.