Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Diary notes

This evening we will be at the Frankley & Cock Hill Housing Liaison Board at 6pm at Frankley Community High School followed by a Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting at Colmers School at 7.30pm. This is your chance to raise issues with your local police officers. Ken will be attending his first Governors meeting at The Meadows.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Promoting Neighbourhood Watch

On Saturday there will be an event taking place at Colmers School (East Hall) from 10am-3pm  to show people the benefits of joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. We would recommend that you get along and see police sniffer dogs, crime prevention etc and see for yourselves how NW can help protect you and your property.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mr Tetsu Arita.

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Ward Committee

Last night we held the Longbridge Ward Committee at Colmers School. There were 6 members of the public there and we heard about the City's bid for the title of City of Culture and the progress of the City Trainees Programme which takes people who have been out of work for 6 months and puts them on a training scheme which we all hope will lead to a permanent job at the end of it.
Today Sue has been at the Adoption Panel whilst Keith has been doing his usual daily quota of 400 leaflets interposed with an interview with Mr Tetsu Arita who is a reporter with Asahi Shimbun, Japan's second biggest selling daily newspaper. The subject was the closure of MG/Rover and it's impact on local people. Keith took him on a tour of the site and introduced him to some local business people who told him of their personal experiences.
The photo is of Tetsu outside Q Gate on Lowhill Lane.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

The Governor

Ken has been to The Meadows School were he has been appointed a Governor. He already does an Advice Centre there on the 1st Wednesday of the month and is looking forward to making a contribution to the school.
Sue is of course a Governor at Colmers Junior whilst Keith is at Rednal Hill Infants where Keely is also a Governor.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Reach for the sky!

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At the winning post.

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Sue & David Moorcroft

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The Lord Mayor, Cllr Mike Wilkes

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National Cross Country Chapionships

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This has been a quiet week for Keith Council-wise. He has been working on the Guns & Gangs Review report which he will present to Council in April. Otherwise it has been a case of on with the campaign. He has been delivering on average 400 leaflets a day, both for Keely and Sue. There have also be a couple of Flying Squads in the constituency, one in Longbridge & one in Kings Norton..
Sue has again been busy with a series of meetings but also had to fit in a visit to the ROH to see her Consultant. It seems a hip replacement in required but Sue has asked for it to take place after the May elections as she is determined to hold onto her seat and not allow the socialists back in.
On Monday we were the guests of New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council at their delayed Christmas meal. An enjoyable evening was had by all but we all enjoy working with them as they have the well-being of the people of Frankley at heart.
On Tuesday we were at the Kings Norton Ward Supper Club at the Kings Norton Golf Club. There we were able to see a presentation from the West Midlands Air Ambulance and they received a cheque for their efforts.
On Saturday Sue & Keith followed the Flying Squad in Kings Norton by going to Cofton Park for the National Cross Country Trials. This was a great event with about 10.000 people turning up to watch. With plenty of car-parking on the site of the old MG/Rover Foundry there was minimal disruption for local traffic and coaches came from all over the country. The Lord Mayor turned up to present a trophy and we got a photo for you. It was very cold and he had to send for his overcoat. Sue also got a photo with David Moorcroft and met up with one of our daughter's former teachers, Bob Boldero who was doing the commentary.
Later that afternoon we all met up in Billesley to watch Moseley earn a great win over top of the table Bristol.
Next Wednesday we have the Longbridge Ward Committee at Colmers School at 7pm.
Sue will be at Licensing and Adoption whilst Ken will be at the Housing Committee. Plus lots of leafleting of course.

Friday, 12 March 2010

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fun with Elvis.

All work and no play etc.
Last we we took a break and spent the evening at the Toby-Rubery to see Nick Jones the Singing Vicar from Longbridge Methodist Church.
Nick does a great Elvis and a mean Dean Martin. The room was packed and everyone had a great time with lots of dancing.
Nick does not charge for his services but takes a collection for his church. That night he raised £150.
We can recommend him and his singing so if you see him advertised again get along and enjoy a great night out.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Keeping busy

Another busy week with lots of meetings as usual. Some of them we all go to, especially local ones, and others reflect the different positions we hold or interests we have.
Keith started the week at the Council House working on a report into guns & gangs in Birmingham. This will be presented at full Council in April. On Tuesday it was time for the Equalities & H.R. O & S Committee which he chairs. This included a report on the use of consultants by the Council.Most of use resent any money spent on consultants as they get a high rate and we don't always understand what they do for the money. They do however provide the Council with expertise it does not itself have. The trick is to keep the spend to as low a level as possible and learn as much as we can from them so that we do not need them in the future. Over the last year we have halved the amount spent on them and are working to continue this trend. One thing that did come up was the fact that former Councillor Steve Bedser is a consultant. He is now of course standing in Kings Norton for a Council seat, having been rejected as the PPC for Erdington. Thats 2 rejections now for Steve and he is going for a hat-trick in May.
Also said at the committee was that the Council employs a multitude of Press-Officers. This is another fallacy, we employ 6, the rest include copy-writers, printers, admin staff etc. The number is to be reduced by one as he has been tempted to join Halfords with an increase in salary of £20.000 pa. So much for over-paying staff.
Sue has attended meetings of the Licensing Committee and Adoption Panel as well as meeting of Ward & Constituency Chairman, Sue is Deputy Chairman of Northfield Constituency. She has also been at meetings about young people, worklessness, the police and others. Ken is busy with Housing, he is the deputy Chairman of the Housing Committee and very involved with the regeneration of Longbridge.
Two of the meetings when we all attend is the Ward Advisory Board when we seek advice on how to spend Community Chest money, the Housing Liaison Board and this week the Egghill Development Group. This has been overseeing the plans to redevelop the estate. These plans collapsed when the credi crunch came upon us but there are now plans to build 58 houses in the first phase. These have now received planning permission and Cabinet approval but the residents will believe it when the JCB,s roll into action. The sooner the better.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hurry up, its cold!

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Lets get started

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River Rea

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Messing about on the river.

On a very cold Friday Morning we found ourselves in Lismore Close litter-picking. This is the site of part of the river Rea. One of the projects the Ward Committee has been funding is work to clean up the river in conjunction with the City's drainage engineers. They have been dredging parts that were overgrown with bushes and trees growing within the river bed which could cause backing up and flooding when debris gets caught up.
The photos we have show the newly dredged river, a party of Council workers and volunteers starting work and Sue with local stalwart Terry litter-picking.