Monday, 22 September 2008

The Post strikes again!

It seems Paul Dale devoted some of his Iron Angle Column to castigating Keith over his remarks on the report on Sustainable Communities.
Firstly he argued that he had got Keith's Committee wrong due to the fact that a Council website had not been updated. Fair enough but this should have been altered months ago and Keith's only excuse is that he does not spend all day Googling his name and searching for himself on websites.
Paul also accused Keith of being a "Climate change disbeliever" something which Keith denied in his letter to the Post last week.
This further reinforces Keith's view that climate change is a matter of faith for some people and not viewed as the scientific fact that Keith sees it as. Perhaps if Paul had used the term "Heretic" and called for burning at the stake he would have expressed himself more truthfully.
Still, it is Keith's fault for pointing out his inattention to detail and once you upset a journo he has the advantage of having the paper do his dirty work for him.
Watch the press!!!