Thursday, 11 September 2008


On Monday Sue went to London to attend the BMA Pensioners lunch. Keith spent all day up at Oberon Close on Frankley to take a look at the results of the flooding there and in Miranda.
When he got there he found 2 Housing Officers and our Estate Assistant trying to sort things out. This was clearly not enough and Keith started making phone calls. In a short while we had 2 dustcarts and crews to get rid of damaged furniture, carpets etc, Environmental clean up teams to sort out the mud left behind and Engineers to check over the properties. This resulted in 3 bungalows being declared uninhabitable and the occupiers offerred rehousing. A Senior Electrical Engineer started checking for damage and brought 2 electricians out as well. The Constituency Engineer came out to check the infrastructure.
About 1.30 we had all exhausted our phone batteries so it was decided to take an hours break for food and recharging and we all regrouped at 2.30. The Constituency Housing Manager was also there and they went to all the affected residents to check that everything was being done to help, including the offer of dehumidifiers to help with drying out. We would like to extend our sympathy to everyone affected by the flood and thank everyone who helped sort it out.
Upon checking it appears there is a large sump above Miranda Close which takes away water coming off the adjoining fields. It appears this was overwhelmed by the sheer volune of water and a pool about 30ft deep formed which eventually inundated the area below.
That evening we held the Conservative Group meeting to prepare for the following day's Council Meeting.