Sunday, 7 September 2008

A full diary

Last week was again busy with lots of meetings. Ken & Keith are again sitting on a JNC committee selecting an Assistant Director for Younger Adults. A younger Adult is someone between 18 & 65, after 65 we all become older adults.
Tuesday was Keith's HR & Equalities Committee meeting. The press turned up in the shape of Paul Dale from the Post & Mail. Fame at last Keith thought but Mr. Dale's interest was in the attendance of Cllr Alan Rudge the Cabinet Member. Paul got a couple of quotes out of it but he missed a really interesting discussion about Single Status and the implementation of a new computer system which will give us a lot of data on workforce development. The great thing is that we have some real experts on this subject on the comittee and they gave the Assistant Director a real grilling but also contributed some good ideas.
On Wednesday Sue was putting the fear of God into recaltritant taxi drivers who think nothing of driving around without insurance and get a bit agrieved when they are caught and punished. That evening we held the Longbridge Ward Advisory Board.
On Thursday all 3 of us were at Alpha Tower for an early meeting about the MG/Rover Enquiry. Keith had to shoot off to chair the Ring & Ride Users Group and that evening attend the Board of Birminghan Conservatives.
On Friday we had another early meeting at the Constituency Office in Vineyard Rd to discuss the forthcoming Constituency Committee.
This weekend Keith was at Frankley for an advice centre. All the rain this weekend saw some flooding at Oberon Close on Frankley and the Business Resilience Team were there to provide help and advice to affected residents
Today we had a bit of light relief with a fund raising event for Nigel Dawkins who is the PPC for Selly Oak. It was planned as a garden party but the weather put the kybosh on that so we held it inside. Still there was a good turnout and a good bit of money raised. Keith even managed to win a bottle of plonk.
Next Tuesday is Council Day so we will be getting ready for that and another round of meetings and dealing with people's issues. Lets hope for a little less rain as we are still getting our leaflet round.