Sunday, 29 July 2007

To the Bride and Groom

Saturday night saw us at the Holiday Inn for a wedding reception. The evening started awkwardly as we both thought the Holiday Inn was in Holliday St but as we drove past it wasn't there. Eventually we found out that it was the former Albany Hotel and made our way there.
The Bride and Groom are both Indian, both surgeons and both modern, great looking youngsters with everything before them.
We have known the Bride, Sonia's, parents for many years as Sue met them whilst working for the British Medical Association. Dr & Mrs Bathla used to organize trips for the Sandwell Division of the BMA. That is Sue did the organizing and used to go along to help out on the trips. Keith went along as well and paid his way by keeping his eye on all these doctors to keep them out of trouble. You may think that doctors are highly intelligent, highly trained individuals well in command of their surroundings, you would be wrong! Take them away from their surgeries and hospitals and they are lost. Each one still thinks that the universe revolves around them of course and this leads to missed ferries, lost property, missed shuttles and all sorts of mayhem.
The trick is to give them a time 1/2 hour before you want them at a certain point and you get most of them there on time, not all of course, you still have to go and find some of them.
Don't think this is a real complaint. We've all had some great times and would do it all again, especially the weekend in Paris and the cruise to Norway.
But back to the wedding reception.
Indian celebrations have one main difference to the way we Anglo-Saxons do things. Starters are served and everyone tucks in. when these are finished the entertainment starts and everyone gets up and wanders the room greeting old friends and making new ones whilst watching the dances. Indian women love to show off their traditional dancing skills and with all those beautiful saris it is a spectacular site. After about an hour the main course is served, several meat and vegetable dishes with rice and naans. The food last night was done by the Maharaja Restaurant in Hurst St and the boss was there to oversee everything. After a desert the main dancing starts and everybody joins in. A great evening and we wish the Bride and Groom every happiness.
We have always had lots of Asian friends and last year went to India for a holiday. Delhi, like any Asian city is a real culture shock, especially the traffic. The main rule is that there are no rules except that the use of the horn is compulsory. We went to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple, to Agra and Jaipur and to a tiger sanctuary. An unforgettable experience and we have put some pics up for you to look at.

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