Sunday, 15 July 2007

Friday/ Saturday

On Friday Keith was at the Co-ordinating Committee. Not the most exciting of meetings and at 3 hours quite long. One of the problems was losing members as the time went on. Keith had to leave 12.30 has Sue and Keith had promised to attend the 50th Anniversary of the Meadows School. The idea was to have a picnic in the grounds but the dreadful weather put paid to that. There was plenty going on thought and we Councillors and the Lord Mayor were really well entertained. The Lord Mayor planted a tree to mark the occasion and insisted on doing a proper job of it despite the pouring rain.
More of the Lord Mayor that evening when we attended a reception at the Lord Mayor's Parlour for family and friends from Northfield. Taxpayers please note that the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress funded the evening themselves. It was a wonderful evening and Margaret Scrimshaw, Honorary Alderman, former Councillor and President of Northfield Conservatives was presented with a framed certificate from David Cameron marking here 50 years as a working Conservative.
On Saturday It was off to Frankley Library for the opening of an exhibition on " Building cars at Longbridge", a fascinating collection of photos and a dvd which brought back a lot of memories. It should be coming to a library near you so please spare the time to view it.
Here are some pictures from the Meadows and the Exhibition. You will see that one of the skills needed to be Lord Mayor is that of cake-cutting.

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