Monday, 2 July 2007

Eyes front

This is a pic of a few of our friends who attended the pig roast on Saturday night. The gentleman appearing to get a close up view of Sue's chest is the clerk to New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council. This is the only Parish Council in Birmingham, another mark of the uniqueness of Longbridge. A few other landmarks: the tomb of Cardinal Newman, Tolkien's boyhood home near the Lickeys and Anne Boleyn's mother's home, as commemorated in Boleyn Road.

This morning Sue and Keith had a 9 am site meeting with the District engineer to discuss traffic issues. It was pouring with rain and we all got soaked. What a glamorous life we lead. But at least we came up with one solution out of two. Sue was supposed to go to The Roundabout for an advice desk but toothache and a swollen face took her off to the dentist whilst Keith went to do the AD. 2 people turned up, both sorted with phone calls. If only they were all that simple.

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