Thursday, 19 July 2007

A good friend

Sorry if we've been a bit remiss on posting the last few days but the loss of Ken Hardeman has been a real blow.
Ken was a bon viveur and raconteur besides the politics. He could regale you with stories of his life in Broad St in the early days. One story concerned the first Motor Show at the NEC. Ken booked Bingley Hall for a boxing show with some big names and promoted it heavily at the show. On the evening very few people turned up, Ken learned the lesson that people were coming up from London on the train in the morning and returning on the evening. London had the bright lights of Soho, theatreland, clubs and fine hotels. Birmingham had the Watch Committee. It was a hard lesson to learn but Ken learned it and never forgot it. This was one of his motivations for building a Brum that no-one wanted to miss. More later.

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