Sunday, 15 July 2007

Thursday 12th

A relatively quiet day. Morning meeting with the Chief Legal Officer to discuss CRB checks for members. On the way I passed the Brummie beach in Chamberlain Square. The Wigan Youth Brass Band was playing to a packed audience. The beach attendant was putting out more deck chairs and the area in front of the library was packed. I wish some of our more po-faced and uptight citizens could have seen it.
On the way back I bumped into David Bell, the Evening Mail's reporter. Despite working for a socialist rag, owned by the same people who own the Daily Mirror, David always strikes me as a decent man trapped in a reporter's body. David is an Indophile, I think thats the correct word, and visits india a lot. We went there last year and really enjoyed it. It can be a bit of a culture shock but well worth a visit.
Later that day we had a final meeting with our departing ward support officer to catch up with everything going on before her departure.

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