Tuesday, 10 July 2007

On Monday Keith was kept busy with casework until a home visit to a constituent and then a meeting with the senior officer looking at the " clean and safe" programme. We have made great strides in Longbridge and across Northfield cleaning up litter, graffiti and fly-tipping but this is now under threat through loss of funding from the government. Neighbourhood Renewal Fund is designed to close the gap between the most deprived areas and the rest of the community but now Mr Brown is cutting the funding and leaving us high and dry.
During the meeting Keith took a phone call from Tim "The grin" Huxtable say he was coming into Longbridge with a photographer and did Keith want his photo for the Post. Silly question, politicians never miss an opportunity for self-publicity. This may seem cynical but we all need to get ourselves recognised as part of the electoral process. Thats Keith's excuse anyway.
The photo was taken in a children's play area to illustrate a report going to cabinet.
From there Keith was off to the Council House to meet the Lord Mayor Randal Brew, in his constituency capacity, Cllr Margaret Sutton, Chairman of Northfield Constituency Committee and Ifor Jones. Ifor is the Interim Assistant Director of Constituencies as well as keeping a watching brief as the Constituency Director of Northfield. We went over some items in the budget and discussed some thoughts for the future.
Later that evening we held the Conservative Group meeting to prepare for todays full Council Meeting.
Sue is still stiff and bruised but recovering nicely but is already getting bored.

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