Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Today Keith was at the first Overview & Scrutiny committee on children's services. This tends to be rather dry and technical but having Reg Corns there can always inject a little drama into the situation. Reg is passionate about the Youth Service and doesn't hold back when he talks to officers about what he sees as the lack of funding for our kids.

We were sorry to see Francis Maude sidelined in the recent shuffle. We have met him several times and always found him to be hard-working and very approachable. Of course we have also met Caroline Spelman, in fact she was the after-dinner speaker at our last President's Dinner.
Thats the Northfield Conservative Constituency Association President's Dinner. Our president is Hon. Alderman Margaret Scrimshaw. Keith is the Assoc. Chairman, for his sins, and spends a lot of time gathering money and refusing to spend it. Whenever a General Election is called we must have the funds in place to make sure our candidate has every chance of competing on a level playing field with the sitting MP. Sitting of course on a big pile of tax-payers dosh.
Sue goes into UHB tomorrow for an op which will keep her confined to barracks for a couple of weeks but at least she will be able to use the phone & computer after a suitable recovery period.
Our Labour Councillor appears to have gone on holiday again. That bloke goes out more times than the gas!.

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