Thursday, 12 July 2007


Another busy day on Wednesday. 7.30am breakfast meeting at the Chamber of Commerce. ASDA are new sponsors of the CofIC and we were invited as they are looking to expand into South Birmingham and are looking at the Rover site. It would bring in up to 4oo jobs. It will be interesting to see who else comes in.
10.30 Pre-agenda meeting for the Vulnerable Children's committee.
That afternoon we attended a send off for our Ward Support Officer. We do not often name officers on this site as it is a political blog but we can make an exception in Veronica Coleman's case as I know our Labour Councillor would agree that over the years she has been exceptional in both the quality and quantity of her work. We and Longbridge will miss her and we wish her every success in her new job. Veronica is joining the Emergency Planning Team where her experience as a Major in the TA will be very useful. Veronica commands a medical unit and has done a stint in Iraq. That should stand her in good stead for the infighting at the centre.
From there it was down to Forestdale School for an open day, a tour of the school and a bowl of strawberries and cream. Sue Robertson the headmistress has done an excellent job with the school despite the deprivation in the area.
Later that evening it was the regular meeting of the Egghill redevelopment consultative group. A good meeting with flesh being added to the bones of the planning proposal and a presentation of the ideas for the commercial part of the plan. More jobs for Longbridge.

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