Sunday, 2 March 2008

A welcome break

On Saturday Keith had an advice desk at Frankley. People were queuing when he got there and kept coming. He was supposed to finish at 11am but it was after 11.30am when he finished. He and Sue had planned to go over to Tyburn to help out Derek Johnson but phoned to say they were too late. Derek was quite happy because so many people had turned up that he had run out of leaflets so we were not missed. That afternoon we went to watch Mosley RUFC play London Welsh. The wind made things difficult and LW ran out 13-6 winners. It was a good afternoon except for the result and a chance to relax and talk about something else other than politics. Good news for the Bluenoses there but a bitter disappointment for Keith when the Gunners equalised in the 93rd minute.
You may not realise it but the Labour Party are in town for their Spring Conference. It is ironic but fully deserved that this non event has been completely wiped off the front pages and TV screens by the frenzy about Prince Harry firstly being in Afghanistan and then flying home. This am the papers are full of him. Talk about a good day to bury Broon news. It seems there is some justice in the world after all. What goes around really does come around.