Sunday, 23 March 2008


We see that this nanny government is worried about some of us older citizens going off abroad and doing things we would not usually do at home. Putting aside the fact that that is one of the reasons for going away here is Keith's view. As someone who has drank, sometimes to excess, on 3 continents and one sub-continent, and intends to add to the list of continents this year, and has indulged in scuba diving and paragliding......MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!
We heard, with some dismay, the news that the cabinet have decided to ditch that fine Brummie product the Jaguar in favour of a Japanese model. What a kick in the teeth for British industry and Brummie workers, especially when they are facing difficult times. But what do we hear from the chairman of the all party motoring group, our own sensitive MP Mr Richard Burden? Nothing, nada, silencio. Its not as if he has a government position to worry about but when it comes to fighting for local jobs, not a word. Can anyone tell us what he is for please.