Sunday, 2 March 2008

The art of taking photos.

On Friday we broke off from leafleting to support the Friends of Balaams Wood in a tree planting on the Meadow. This is paid for by a grant from Trees for Life and involved the planting of 15 young oaks on the edge of the Meadow which lies between Balaams Wood and Ormond Road.
As politicians this is an opportunity for a photo as we don't actually plant the trees, no, honestly, there was a team of guys to do that. We don't get our hands dirty, we may sometimes but not in public.
In the first photo you can see our sensitive MP doing his famous impression of a letter box and leaning on a spade. The two local residents with him may seem a bit intimidated but he is harmless really.
The next two photos show Sue and Keith with Penny Moore, a great local stalwart and driving force behind the Friends. As you can see we look as if we are doing something and are enjoying it. Here is another tip, always dress for the occasion. A suit is an essential item for many formal occasions but NOT a tree-planting, it just looks false and set up, but then again....