Saturday, 29 March 2008

In the mire.

Its been an interesting morning, Keith was on his way out to an Advice Centre when he got a phone call from the sister of a couple who were in dire straits, no not the group. He went to see them to find a sewer pipe had collapsed and their drive and garden was submerged in ..well to be polite, effluent. Luckily Mitie had got there first, there was a tanker pumping the stuff away, a crew using a remote camera to locate the blockage and a supervisor from Mitie overseeing things. The elderly couple had luckily used a flood prevention device to block the front door and the Mitie supervisor had barricaded the front door to further protect their home. They had been supplied with a portaloo which will be changed everyday and despite everything were quite cheerful and showing some of that old fashioned Stoicism which some younger residents might like to learn.
A crew is on the way with a digger to replace the sewer pipe and a clean up has started.
Afterwards Keith went to a table-top sale at the Frogmill Centre and then to Rednal to finish off the last few roads with our latest leaflet.
Sue has gone to Star City to take a look at another Kickz project. You will remember this takes youngsters off the streets and teaches them football and social skills. Very few people yet realise how good this scheme is or how big it is going to be but it is growing all the time. It seems Sue may be on the pitch at the Blues v Liverpool match to receive the cheque from the police for the continuation scheme next year. Its about time they had some talent at St. Andrews!