Friday, 21 March 2008

Busy nights

We had meetings every night last week. Monday was New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council, Tuesday was Northfield Constituency Committee, Wednesday the Longbridge Ward Committee and on Thursday a split, Sue went to the Frankley Police Liaison meeting whilst Keith chaired the Northfield Conservative Constituency Association AGM. All went quite well. no real ructions at any of them but all useful. The AGM is always a well attended affair and it is usually a chance for some members to pass comment on the running of the Association. Keith's answer is to invite them to take a greater role in its affairs. What do you think the response to that is?
On Tuesday morning we were at Frankley Centre for a graffiti cleaning day. There were some of our Neighbourhood Workers and some people from the Youth Offending Team there. Unfortunately none of the young offenders managed to get their backs off their beds.
Keith has been looking at restorative justice lately but if this is an example it does not look good. The guys who run the scheme pitched in, they have a power washer which they tow by car and it could get to places our own larger truck cannot. We were also joined by some lads from Frankley Community High School who came out and helped. They seemed to really get into it and enjoyed the experience. They also enjoyed the chips that Keith bought them as well. We can't show a pic of the lads but here is one of the other people involved.