Thursday, 8 November 2007

Shakin' all over

Wednesday was another round of meetings. Sue spent most of the day at the Fostering Panel. This was her first full meeting since volunteering to join the panel. Most of the applicants were "Kinship carers" that is people who take in children relating to them. This is usually a better solution as they and the child usually know each other and it can be culturally beneficial too. Of course past experience shows that stringent checks also have to be carried out.
Keith had a meeting with Coun Les Lawremce to talk about upcoming issues for the CYPF portfolio and how this ties in with scrutiny. Afterwards to a seminar on "Transition". This is the process whereby children with disabilities and Looked after children transfer from children's services to adult services. This is an area where we have been weak in the past and a lot of work is going on to remedy this. We now have a Transition Manager funded by both departments who can cut across the differences in the departments and make sure we operate a more seamless movement from one to the other.
Did anyone see Gordie's exhibition at PMQs yesterday? Surely this is the result of rage and frustration. He must be incensed that Dave keeps getting the better of him. The pressure is showing and we don't think this premiership will last 10 yrs.
Today we have a party of sailors from H.M.S. Daring coming to Balaam's Wood to do some work and we will be there to greet them. What is it about Sue and men in uniforms? Here's an example, we will post more later.

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