Friday, 9 November 2007

Name, shame & socialism

Some of you may have seen the item in last night's Mail about the naming & shaming of four shops selling fireworks to underage kids. This is the operation that Sue & Ken joined in with last Friday night. We can now say that the major store that was caught was Morrisons on the Great Park. This is not the first time they have been caught out, last year they sold alcohol to a minor. They really must tighten up their procedures or face the consequences.
Keith attended the Co-ordination O & S Committee this morning. The main item was about the plan to increase Brum's population by 120.000 by 2026 and its affect on housing. Nice to hear Carl Rice & Peter Kane keeping the flag flying for good old-fashioned socialism. They still advocate sticking people in Council houses and keeping them there instead of bringing about equality of opportunity so that families can improve their standards and do not have to resort to social housing. Old habits die hard.
Sue spent the morning trying to improve the state of our house, we are having it rewired at the moment and is a real mess. Hopefully it will be finished next week and we can get on with redecorating.
This afternoon Sue was at Colmers School. The Extended Schools Co-ordinator is doing a great job for the schools in Longbridge and has some very big plans. We also heard that Frankley Library have succeeded in a bid to the Big Lottery fund for about £140.000. Well done to everybody.

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