Monday, 5 November 2007

Remember remember....18 and over.

Sue had a night out with the police on Friday night. They were doing test purchases on firework vendors. 4 out of 5 traders served underage children and have been reported. One shop owner seemed to think that because it was his shop he could do what he liked. Big mistake. Even one of our major stores failed, a big disappointment considering all the training their staff are supposed to have had.
On Saturday Keith did an advice centre at Frankley and then joined Sue over at Weoley to help out Adrian Delaney with a leaflet drop. Adrian got caught out as many more people than he expected turned up and he could have got rid of twice as many leaflets than he had.
On the evening we picked up the grandkids for a trip to Pype Hayes Park. Another great event with the gates having to be closed at one stage. The fireworks were even better than last year.
On Sunday Keith was out getting a petition together against a mast installation proposed for Lickey Road. That afternoon he was visiting local police stations to check out custody suites. They were depressingly full. Most of the offences were petty and drink related, mostly unnecessary and a real waste of everyone's time. There do not seem to be any proper criminals these days, just idiots who fail to think or have an arrogant notion that the law does not apply to them.

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