Friday, 2 November 2007

Catch up

This has been a very heavy week. Monday am we both went to the opening of a new gym room at Frankley Community High School. We have a couple of pics of Sue on the equipment.
Keith went off to the EMT away day at Warwick University. 2 days of intensive work on the Council budget
Sue was busy on Tuesday with 4 meetings, the Great Park Business Group, an Advice centre at Frankley Plus Children's Centre, a meeting of Colmers management group and finally a meeting of Northfield with Local Control. This last one is a small group of people, the remnants of Northfield HLB. They have this strange idea that they can take over the running of the 6000 council houses in Northfield and make a better job of running it than the Housing Dept can. Complete fantasy. They are in the process of changing the Section 16 officer, who has done very well out of it thank you. They have the idea that they can sack the repairs team and employ their own. A few years ago this was called a Direct Labour Organisation and was an unmitigated disaster. Still one suspects the dead hand of socialism behind it all.
On Wednesday Keith went down to London for a seminar on "Every disabled child matters" whilst Sue dealt with several lots of casework. That evening she went to Frankley HLB whilst Keith attended the Egghill Development Group.
Thursday saw Keith at two workshops on Special Education Needs at the Campanile Hotel in Aston. Keith's first job was at a factory in the same road as the hotel. It was a glass factory and he still has the scars to prove it. Sue went to a presentation on counter terrorism at Bournville Lane police station.
Today Keith was at the Library Call-in at the Council house. This saw the Labour members reducing the tone to the level of playground name calling but Len Clarke bought his keen intellect and analytical skills to bear and they meekly went along with his suggestion. A triumph for common sense over sour grapes. Sue went to the Northfield local area agreement performance board where there were updates on all the projects going on in the ward.
We would like to apologise for the paucity of entries this week but we are having the house rewired and the computers were switched off.
Tomorrow Keith is going to an advice centre at the Frankley Parish Council offices and then we will both be trying to get to Moseley School for an event called "Peaceful Communities". This is a meeting for all faiths and races to come together and talk about community cohesion.
On Sunday Keith will be making the rounds of the police custody suites on a snap inspection.

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