Wednesday, 7 November 2007

An outbreak of harmony

At yesterdays Council meeting the Labour party were again subdued and in fact suggested a means by which we could all accept their amended motion on youth services and the New St announcement.
We think they were better last time without their "great clunking fist" Sir Albert, Ian Ward seemed to think so too as he sat there and didn't say a word. Of course Sir Albert is very busy with the new QE hospital so we can't expect too much from him, but I wonder how long his party will put up with the situation.
Coun Drinkwater made an astonishing intervention when she related the tale of her 14 yr old niece who had gone to town with her birthday money and proceed to spend it on strong drink. She was eventually taken to a police station for her own safety after becoming legless and losing her phone and money. We all wondered what this had to do with the provision of youth services and sat there waiting to hear why this was the Council's fault. It turned out that one of the girl's other aunts had made some query about why the Council did not provide a safe haven in the area were the drunken episode occurred but it did not make much sense. Teenagers have always behaved badly and always will. They prefer to make their own mistakes instead of listening to their elders who of course went through exactly the same process when they were the same age. Coun Drinkwater has now twice been near to tears when addressing the Council. Perhaps she should use her considerable intellect more and emotional blackmail a little less.
Some laughter when Sir Albert told us that he had spoken to Liam Byrne. Mobile phone in the car jokes were too good to resist.

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