Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Deja vu

As I am having to spend a lot of time watching daytime tv and reading the newspapers it is amazing just how quickly the Brown administration has become unravelled. I sent a letter in to the Birmingham Mail last night saying how I had been overcome by a great wave of deja vu. I saw all the reports of an arrogant control freak of a Labour leader surrounded by accusations of incompetence and neglect and mired in electoral irregularities and couldn't decide if I was in Birmingham 2004 or Britain 2007. It is so strange how history repeats itself.
During my lay-off Sue has been dashing about with her own responsibilities and covering mine as much as possible. Ken Wood, our local election candidate for 2008 has been helping out as well. This is good experience for him. As a candidate and campaigner I fought for 3 years to win my seat but had little knowledge of what to expect when I was elected. Ken on the other hand attends as many meetings as possible, goes to group meetings and has watched quite a few Council Meetings. This will stand him in good stead next year when he wins the 3rd Longbridge seat, at least he will know what to expect. He has also been instrumental in organising a petition aganst a phone mast in the ward which we have just been notified has been refused.

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