Saturday, 16 June 2007

Storms and floods.

Thursday pm saw us driving down the M5 in order to attend Sue's Mom's funeral the next day in Taunton. We got just past Gloucester and ran into the most tremendous downpour. It came on in seconds and everyone had to brake to about 20 mph as you couldn't see the cars in front. We drove like this for about 10 minutes with all lights on until it cleared. We carried on to just outside Bridgwater where we were staying overnight and the weather was fine. We heard the next day about the flooding in Brum, particularly in Aston & Witton. Keith lived in Aston for 20years and never heard of the Tame flooding before. It is quite a long way below the road level opposite the Yew Tree Pub and we can only imagine the amount of rainfall needed for it to rise so much so quickly. This shows up the need to make sure we all have the proper insurance.

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