Saturday, 16 June 2007

Gone fishin'

This am Keith was at Lloyd House for refresher training as a Custody Visitor. He has been doing this for about 5 years. It involves visiting custody blocks and ensuring that everything is OK. It is a scheme that came about after the Scarman Report which identified the need for members of a community to visit a police station at times on tension so that other people could be told that all was well inside. It has now developed into a regular scheme. The visitors arrive unannounced in the block and speak privately with anyone in custody who wants to speak to them.
Afterwards to Rowheath Pavilion for a presentation by Get-Hooked-on -Fishing, a scheme which helps dis-affected youngsters by offering them the chance to learn to fish and go fishing provided they get up and go to school. Sue was already there as was Coun Tim Huxtable just back from his honeymoon and looking very well on it. I wonder how long he will keep that great big grin on his face. GHOF is a great scheme which has helped over 2000 kids to get back into full time education and get their lives back on track. We give them 10k a year of NRF and it is well worth it. Nick Owen made the presentations and in the usual fashion we managed to get a pic for you. We politicians do love to name-drop.

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