Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Brighter futures for children.

Today Keith was at the ICC for a conference about the Council's work on Brighter futures for children. This is a way to drastically improve the future of our city's children by looking at evidence based strategies for improving outcomes, alot of it goes over my head but by focusing on outcomes and working back to the investment needed it is thought that childrens services can improve the lives of all our children. Evidence is gathered by Dartington PI and the results fed into the work. By having fully integrated childrens services it is believed that we can overcome a lot of the problems we have with some children.It is ongoing work and has a long way to go yet.
First off was a workshop on the Safeguarding Board followed by a presentation on disabled services. At the end of this we saw a dvd made by disabled children that was a real eye-opener. I wish I could put it up on this site for you, it would change a lot of peoples view of disablement.
After lunch it was back to the main hall for presentations by Tony Howell and a professor from Dartington PI followed by a question and answer session with them plus Cheryl Hopkins,Councillor Les Lawrence and Sandy Stone who represents the PCTs.
Some heavy stuff but really interesting.
This evening Sue has gone to a Governor's meeting at Colmers Junior School. Keith is cooking, or rather he is waiting for the ping!

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