Sunday, 3 June 2007

A funeral in Kings Lynn

We've had a few eventful days.
Thursday saw us driving to Kings Lynn where our Son Alan lives with his wife Karen. He is a Sergeant in the RAF, Karen is a Housing Officer in Kings Lynn. Her father died suddenly last week aged 72. Although he had had heart problems in recent years an operation had sorted it out and he seemed in good form. One day he took a nap in his chair and just didn't wake up.
The service took place at the local crematorium and the sheer numbers of people attending was amazing. The chapel seats 200 but it was standing room only. Gordon lived in a very small village and was active in a great number of the local clubs and societies, he could never turn down a plea for help and held positions in all of them. Usually he was the secretary, a position involving most of the work but little glory.
The service was also attended by Henry Billingham MP, Lord Leicester, another lord and a Lady Angela, quite a turn-out for an ordinary man whose occupation was a painter & decorator. He had a side-line in supplying waiting staff for functions for the great halls in Norfolk and got to know a lot of the big-wigs over the years and obviously made an impression.

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