Thursday, 14 August 2008

While the Cats are Away

Keith and Sue have discovered the reason why Scotland has some of the best scenery in world that is so luss and green -- it rains a lot - an aweful lot !! Now dont get me wrong there is no where on earth more beautiful when the sun is shining but when its raining it can be terrible. However to use Keiths phrase " there is no such thing as bad weather - its the wrong clothes" so hopefully he remembered to pack his mac. Anyway Ken has been busy handling the case load and Keith and Sue have been lending a hand as well from afar. Just goes to prove that they never switch off. Recently in the press there has been numerous articles about Longbridge and the redevelopment of the former MG Rover site. Quite a few from people not even from the area. Our local MP has been having a pot at Mike Whitby about Mikes involvement with Nanjing and the return of car manufacturing - albeit on a small scale at the moment - to Longbridge. The demise of MG Rover 3 years ago was dreadful and devastating to the area. It is a tribute to everyone involved, not only the large organisations but equally the various support groups that were established that we now find ourselves about to embark on what should be an exciting period as the landscape slowly starts to change shape.
There are still many questions to be answered about the demise of MG Rover and maybe our MP should apply some of his energy into pushing his government friends to expedite the release of that report. Interesting also that in his capacity of Chairman of the Parliamentary All Party Motor Group he appears to have deserted our Midlands based car manufacturers, choosing instead to align himself with his bosses at Westminster in saying that we should all be driving Toyota Prius'.
Jaguar and Landrover have piled millions into R&D on their engines and now have some of the cleanest diesel engines in their class and they should be congratulated on these achievements but no Labour choose instead to put hundreds of Midlands jobs at risk by continually attacking companies such as these.