Friday, 1 August 2008

Busy, busy busy.

As Ken has said it has been a really busy time. After the picnic Keith had to get along to Aston Science park for a meeting of the CTB and then to the Council House for the selection committee he referred to. The next day Keith was up early for a visit to Leeds to look at some community projects that we may introduce in Northfield. He got back 5 minutes before the deadline to start the selection meeting. This lateness rather irritated Sir Albert Bore but then Keith sees it as his duty to irritate him. Sue was at the Northfield Constituency Offices to hear about the My Places Lottery scheme and that evening attended a Joint HLB meeting.
The following day saw Keith at an away-day at Holloway Hall with SWBCA and then back to the Council House for the selection committee. By this time Keith's diet had consisted of 5 buffets in 3 days and he was dying for a hot meal.
On Friday all 3 of us were at Frankley Resolve offices for 8.30am for an update on the Frankley Summit. More on this over the coming weeks.
On Saturday after an advice surgery at Frankley Keith went off to Leicestershire for a charity golf match. This meant he got back too late to go to the Frankley Forum Awards Night held at the Coldstream Pub. Sue managed to get there and a good night ensued with Sue presenting certificates to people whose efforts are appreciated by their neighbours.
This week has again been busy with the 2 remaining selection committees. This has been really interesting despite the late finishes and the buffets and it has been good to see so much agreement among the cross party group. We also managed to bring in some highly qualified women for some of these senior posts and it will be good to watch how they get on.
On Tuesday we had a view of the less efficient side of the Council. Keith visited a constituent to support him during a Social Care review, unfortunatley no-one from the dept turned up. After a couple of phone calls an explanation and an apology was forthcoming but the guy had taken half a day off work for nothing.
On the way back Sue phoned to say she had received a call asking her to go in to the Council House to take over at a Licensing hearing as another Councillor had to leave. on the way her car had a puncture but Keith had left to take our campervan for it's MOT. Sue called Greenflag who turned up only to find the spare wheel was the wrong size for the car. This meant a recovery truck was needed to take the car to a tyre centre. This in turn meant the Licensing committee had to be abandoned. It also cost Sue £60 for a new tyre.
Sue & Keith are off on their hols on Sunday, back to sunny Scotland. If we find any internet cafes handy we will see if we can put some photos on here for you but if not Ken will probably post a few thoughts. If you are off on your holidays have a great time.
By the way if you like a laugh and have a strong stomach follow the link to Iain Dale's Diary and scroll down to the video he has on there. Priceless!