Friday, 1 August 2008

We are Sailing

On the last day of the school term Keith & Sue were at Rednal Hill Infants school where Keith is a governor. The event was a picnic for pupils and parents and also the opportunity for the official opening of their "Sail". This is a sunshield, imported from Australia and consisting of 4 posts and 2 large horizontal sails to protect the youngsters from the sun. To mark the event Sue had arranged for Kevin Broadhurst, former Blues captain to perform the ceremony. It was nostalgia time for Keith and Kevin as Keith had been at Villa Park on the day a lunging tackle had ended Kevin's career. Kevin is now working for the club and made a real impression on everyone there and he was kept busy signing autographs and posing for pictures. We have put up a couple of photos for you. Many thanks to Kevin. We can't show the picnic itself as the rule is that you cannot show pictures of young people without written permission from their parents. We can tell you that there was a big turnout in good weather and everyone had a great time.
A lovely school!