Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Scotland the wave

Ken is right about Scotland, almost! It is lush not luss which is a town up North, and the weather is awful, the scenery is aweSOME. We keep trying to get him to use spellchecker but we know how hard and long he works so he is always in a rush.
We started off in Dumfries and Galloway near the village of Annan. A lovely site with a pitch right on the shore. There was a view right across Annan Bay and some spectacular sunsets. Next on to the Mull of Galloway again with a great beach although the weather detiorated after the first 2 days. We then went up the coast to Ayr. A great site just on the edge of the town.
We are now staying with friends near Kinross. The weather is like that old song, "Hello Mudder, hello Fadder" which has the line " and they say we will have fun when it stops raining" Still, Nils Desparandum. We are still on duty, the Blackberry and mobile phone keep us in touch with everything that is going on and we can still handle casework. We have just been informed about an application to stick a phone mast up behind the Dingle Social Club. The club probably need the money but the people of Wyre Close just behind it are very unhappy and we will be helping them in their objections. Keely Huxtable will be up there next week with a petition. You won't see our sensitive local mp doing something like that, not unless there is a photographer from the Mail hanging around.