Monday, 21 July 2008

Michael Gove at Tally Ho!

On the Thursday evening we turned up at Tally Ho! for the Erdington & Perry Barr Annual Dinner. There was a massive turnout and an excellent raffle. The guest speaker was Michael Gove MP, the shadow Education Minister or Children, Young People and Families in NuLab speak, you may remember he visited Colmers School last year. He gave an excellent speech, very funny in parts but quite eviscerating about the state of the Government and the Labour Party. The food at Tally Ho! is excellent and we all enjoyed a great evening. The event raised a considerable amount of money which will be put to good use over the next two years.
Keith was at Rednal Hill Infant School immediately before the dinner. He is a Governor at the school and the main topic of discussion was the legal decision which means school employees are to be treated the same as Council Employees. This means a hit to the school financially this year and we are trying to decide how best to handle it. It could mean it comes out of school funds, is borrowed from the Council or a mixture of both. Time will tell.