Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ken's Diary Notes

Ken has spent the last few weeks getting his feet under the various tables he now has to sit at and he hasn't been wasting any time!
With his background in recruitment Ken has been asked to serve on HR & Equalities Scrutiny along with Keith and he is also on Housing Scrutiny. These are extremely important Committees and it really does demonstrate Ken's wish to work hard for the City and the residents of Longbridge Ward
With his background in recruitment Ken was asked to take part in a panel producing a "long List" for some positions with BCC which involved reading through 86 cvs. Ken reported " I found the exercise very interesting and its good that BCC are utilising skills available to them".
It was Ken's birthday on Friday and he and Barbara went away for the weekend. However - just to prove Cllrs are always on call - he was most concerned to be contacted on Saturday morning by the owners of the Cock Inn highlighting their despair regarding some Police related issues they were encountering. Ken promised to visit them when he returned on Sunday. Upon visiting them on Sunday and listening to the problems they were encountering Ken advised them that he would follow it up with his fellow Cllrs Keith and Sue and also with the Police.
We are pleased to announce that the situation is now in hand and that normal service will soon be returned to the Cock.
Ken said " Damien and Rob have worked extremely hard to make the Cock Inn a welcoming and friendly place and it is not right that the illegal actions of some mindless and selfish individuals should put what they have achieved at risk". "I will be backing them all the way in their drive to rid not only their pub of these individuals but also the area".
Ken also wrote to all the companies in the Longbridge area highlighting that their opinions, as employers in the area, are also important as we move forward with the regeneration of Longbridge. Ken along with Keith and Sue are looking forward to having meetings with those who have responded over the coming weeks.

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