Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Continuing "last week"

On Thursday Keith was at an emergency meeting of the South West Birmingham Community Association. You may remember that this is a Development Agency that helps voluntary groups across Edgbaston, Selly Oak and Northfield and is taking on the management of Oddingley Hall on the new Wychall Estate. Due to Council Officer's procrastination the lease is not yet ready and the Council wants us to take on something called a "tenancy at will". Our solicitor has advised us not to do this therefore we have decided to wait until the lease is complete.
Sue meanwhile had to attend a hastily arranged meeting of the Governors of Colmers infants school. The recent decision in the High Court that all non-teaching staff have to be treated as Council workers has meant a large demand for backpay and is causing some angst in some schools.
That evening Keith & Ken were at the Council House to help out at a paper sift of candidates for 7 posts of Assistant Directors. As there were about 88 applicants it was quite a lot of reading to get through. Still, Council jobs can't be as unattractive as certain Labour members make out as there always seems to be a queue for them, Social Workers apart of course.
On Friday Sue & Keith joined Deirdre Alden and Cllr Alister Dow at Edgbaston Cricket Ground to wish the NHS a happy 60th Birthday. This was a very poorly organised event which overran very badly but it was a pleasure to meet a lot of people who were concerned with and about the NHS.