Friday, 4 April 2008


Another busy day with deliveries casework and paperwork at the Council House.
On Thursday evening we had a whistle stop tour from Andrew Mitchell MP. First stop was at the Innovation Building at one Devon Way. He was most impressed with the building as are we all and it points up St. Modwen's commitment to high quality buildings on the site.
Next we went to Kings Norton to see Oddingley Hall which is being built for the use of the local community. Afterwards to The Green to look at some of the parking problems. Finally he met up with Eddie Freeman and went off to Weoley for some leafleting. The rest of us grabbed our leaflets and set off. We got 3000 delivered in 2 hours, not bad going.
On Friday it was back to the Council House for Keith for a meeting of the Co-Ordinating Committee. At this we discussed the growth agenda. Labour are still obsessed with demolishing homes. We wouldn't mind if they had managed to build a few but whole areas suffered demolitions without corresponding new builds. This led, particularly in the South West to the wiping out of all spare capacity and has left us with a massive housing shortage, but still they keep on wanting to pull houses down. Why can't they learn from their mistakes?