Friday, 18 April 2008

A & E = Arse from elbow

You may remember us telling you about Sue slipping on the decking and ending up at A & E at Selly Oak. After nearly a week the wrist got worse and worse and on Monday she again went to the hospital as the pain was unbearable. A doctor there sent her for another x-ray but the x-ray dept refused to do it on the grounds that they had done one already and it showed nothing. Back to the doctor who said he would arrange an appointment for an emergency bone scan. Sue spent most of Tuesday on the phone arranging this. Back to Selly Oak on Wednesday to see a consultant who immediately ordered an x-ray. This showed a broken arm and a chipped bone in the ankle. Sue now has her arm in a cast, in a very fetching shade of blue, and a big boot. A letter is on it's way to the chief exec.