Saturday, 19 April 2008

Labour desperation

We see our opponent is putting out a letter from Liz Dawn, a former Corrie actress, stating that only Labour can beat the BNP in Longbridge. This is blatantly untrue and is designed to get their own supporters out on polling day. Our canvassing shows that the Labour vote has all but collapsed and this letter is a desperate attempt to shore it up. It will not work. Labour treat people as if they are stupid but the electorate know that this is a straight fight between Labour and Conservative and we believe this cynical move will backfire on them.
The letter is included with the Labour election address and a letter from our opponent, a very expensive way of getting literature out. Putting 3 items in one envelope dilutes the effect but we understand why they have done this. Their supporters have drifted away, they have no-one to deliver the literature which means they are even further isolated from the real concerns of local people.
If you want to know what people really think and what their concerns are you have to walk the streets and knock on doors. Sadly Labour's resources are so depleted they cannot do this.
We shall be examining their election expenses to ensure this expensive postage is fully declared.