Sunday, 6 April 2008

Let it snow......

A big surprise this morning to find so much snow had fallen. We were told to expect a "dusting of snow" not 3-4 inches or whatever that is in centimethingys. Still we have to get on with it.
The item in the Bromsgrove Standard about the meeting on Lickey Road seems to have brought a reaction with several e-mails. One of them was from the mother of the young man who lost his life in the latest incident. We offered her our condolences and will make sure we keep her up to date with developments. We have asked for a full report from the Highways Engineers for the June Ward Committee meeting and are hopeful of some good results. This morning we have been at the Old Hare & Hounds on Lickey Road for a charity event. On the way back we saw the Road Traffic Unit with their mobile speed camera and 2 motorists had been pulled in.
The event at the pub was the handover of £1350 by the Manager Dru Coleman to Ray Woods of John Taylor Hospice. This had been raised by Dru and his team and the customers over Christmas. Our thanks and congratulations to them all. The Lord Mayor came along to lend some gravitas to the occasion, he had given the Lady Mayoress the morning off but was expecting a lovely Sunday roast in return.
Keith was at the offices of Frankley Parish Council on Saturday morning to attend an advice surgery. He was disappointed to hear that a far right party is standing for election in Frankley. As they all live in Northfield this can only be seen as a publicity stunt or political opportunism. If they can win a seat they could bring nothing to the estate but they will make great play with the fact that they have won. We hope the people of Frankley will have nothing to do with them. The present members represent a wide range of political and non-political opinions and work for their community. We may not agree all the time with all their views but are proud to work with them and would be disappointed if some outsiders with their own axe to grind were to hijack this fine body.
We've put up some photos of today's event. The guy in the T-shirt is Ray Woods of the John Taylor Hospice and the smartly dressed bloke is the General Manager, Dru Coleman. You know the rest.