Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Catching a breath

Last week was fairly slow for Council meetings. Keith had to sort out a lot of stuff for the O & S Committee and Sue attended the Fostering Panel. Keith also visited a Children's Home for a Section 33 visit. If you don't know what that is please ask and all will be revealed.
Mostly we have been delivering our new leaflet. Saturday before last we had 23 people turn out to help, we managed over 4ooo leaflets in 2 hours. Together with our distributors this means that by Sunday we had done 2/3rds of the Ward.
Last Saturday 30 of us went to Erdington to help Jessie Holland. We have a pic on e-mail and if Keith can get it on the blog we will show you it.
Last Friday we held our annual Beer & Skittles night at the Selly park Tavern. We had 54 people turn out and a jolly good night was had by all. We also made a jolly good profit. Enough for our next leaflet.
It seems that the Labour Group may again fail to turn up for the next Council Meeting. If they do we believe their Union Permits should be checked before they are allowed to speak. Isn't it a disgrace that an Elected Member should have to seek permission from a union functionary before he/she can carry out the job they were elected to do. We all know now that the Labour Party represents only a small cadre of union officials and the rest can go hang. Of course this explains why Albert could not push through Single Status. He knew that he would have to bow down to union demands but that these very demands would bankrupt the Council. Perhaps it is time we thought about privatisation.