Friday, 8 February 2008

Bait taken

Yeaterday we said that binmen get on average £40K a year. We knew this was incorrect but had found it impossible to find out the correct figure. Today we have been advised, think red face and spluttering with rage, that the true figure is between £26 and £28K. We are happy to correct yesterdays blog but wish it had not been needed in the first place.
Today Keith was at the Co-Ordination Overview & Scrutiny Comittee. Labour called in another Pay & Grading item. Their argument was well put but readily answered by Alan Rudge and his officers. Labour withdrew the call-in before a vote.
Sue represented Keith at the Northfield LAA Performance Board where we find out how the various theme groups are doing. More later.
We see the Archbishop of Canterbury is suggesting that some aspects of Sharia Law should be imposed in Britain. We trust the one about unbelievers being put to the sword is not one of the first he would like to see brought in. Some of our constituants may want to see amputations for thieves but they don't have a leg to stand on.