Thursday, 7 February 2008

After the Lord Mayors show

After a wide coverage on the strike on Tuesday the press seem to be less than overjoyed with the prospects of more strikes and seem very critical of the strikers. There were reports of binmen having a punch-up in a city pub which put them in a very bad light.
There may also be a reaction from the disclosure that the binmen earn an average of £40000 a year, yes £40K. thats the same as a cabinet member or just £20k less than our MPs. A lot of ordinary folk might be wondering what they do to earn this as they don't clean up after them and finish at about 11am every day. They may be the unions "Stormtroopers" but I wonder how this will go down with the citizens.
Great news today about our 3 stars from the Audit Commission, especially when you consider where we were in 2004. We know our local MP and Labour Councillor check this blog out so it must be particularly galling for them to read this. Mind you our Labour Councillor has gone to Argentina for 3 weeks, just enough time for us to slip out another leaflet!
Did you hear about a court case going on up North where someone has taken the government to court over the refusal to give us a referendum on the EU constitution/treaty?
Brown's lawyers argued that a manifesto is not a promise. Just remember this any time Brown opens his mouth.