Friday, 29 February 2008

Busy time

Sorry for not posting anything recently. We are very busy getting out our latest leaflet. This celebrates the 3 stars BCC was awarded by the Audit Commission. A really good effort considering the mess the city was in when this administration took over. The most galling thing is that the Labour Group refuse to accept any responsibility for it. It is as if they are in total denial about the utter and total balls up they made of things. More of that later.
There has been the usual round of meetings, casework, paperwork, report reading and writing. Keith is also busy with Northfield Conservative Association work. As chairman he is organising the AGM and making sure the subs come in as well.
The Flying Squads are going well, we have been to Kings Norton, Weoley and Billesley. There has been a good turn out each time. After the leaflet drops we retire to a pub and have food & drink. This also builds teamwork and friendships with people from across the city who we would not often get to meet.
The last Council Meeting went well. It was the Annual Budget meeting and we presented another detailed and well thought out budget which seemed well received by everyone. The Labour group were their usual miserable selves and had little to say. Albert claimed it was all down to the government but this was shown up.
Albert is quite crafty, he puts up Marje Bridle because he knows how much she is detested by our side, with good reason. Marje Bridle was Housing cabinet member for some years and was as good at it as Susannah McCory was at Social Services. She was eventually sacked but still has the bare faced cheek to get up and tell us how to run housing, still if Tony Blair can tell everyone how to bring peace to the Middle East anything is possible. These socialist failures, the ones who don't end up with their snouts in the Brussels trough, seem to have the ability to wipe their own histories from their brains and invent a completely new scenario in which they are the heroes. Marje could not even face John Lines when he got up to speak and she and Jilly Bermingham ran out of the Council Chamber. Cllr Bermingham is another one who will not be missed after May 1st.