Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sion Simon in Government? Are things that bad?

The Erdington Typo has earned his reward for his loyalty to Gordie, and his disloyalty to Bliar, and has entered Government as Minister for Skills. Not all skills, just those in the Universities. Perhaps he will be offering advice on how to maximise the capacity for consuming Frosty Jack and White Lightning in the Student Union, and if you saw his speech about the never ending march of Labour footsoldiers you may suspect that he is no stranger to cheap cider.
Liam Byrne was also promoted but not into the Cabinet, his job was down-graded to a cupboard apparently. He also went on to YouTube complaining about litter in his constituency. He didn't complain about the people who drop the litter, just about the Council for not picking it up. He cannot be called two faced as he would not choose the one he has surely?