Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Day 2

George Osborne made an unscheduled speech about the economy during the morning session which emphasised the importance of us all pulling together to get us out of the economic mess we seem to have fallen into. Later Keely made an appearance on the stage talking about the problems ordinary people are encountering. She followed up with a plea for the government to simplify things for people instead of making everything so complicated. This brought a huge response from the hall.
Of course the conference is not just about the events in the main hall. There is a break from 12.30 until 2.30 and there are masses of fringe meetings going on. You dash from one to the other, hoping to get some food but not always succeeding. We all break apart for these 2 hours and join up for the afternoon session. We all have different interests and attend different meeting. Some meetings start at 7.30am as well and hopefully you can get a bacon butty for breakfast. The events also go on during the evening so it is a very long day. That is why you sometimes see people catching a few zzz'ees in the hall, its not boredom, its sheer exhaustion.
That evening Keith & Sue went to the Chairman's Reception and later attended a reception by the Indian High Commissioner at which Dominic Grieves made a speech.
The pictures show Sue with Alan Duncan at the Chairman's Reception and then Domimic listening to the IHC.